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A winch is a mechanism used to reel in, let out, or otherwise adjust the tension of a rope, wire, or cable. Boats and ships make use of multiple winches to handle halyards, sheets, as well as anchor or mooring lines. The basic mechanism consists of a spool or winch drum to wind in and stores the line.

Different Types of Winches on Ship
There are two types: anchor chain winch and anchor rope winch.

A windlass is a mechanical device, usually located near the center of the foredeck (the deck, or flat part of the boat near the front) that grasps the anchor rode (rode: line or chain that attaches the anchor to the boat), pulls it out of the water, and deposits the line/chain either on the deck or below decks 

Manual tension mooring winch – Manual winch always requires a person to handle the controls for heaving or rendering. - Non-split drum mooring winch – The undivided drum winches are commonly found on smaller ships.

Al Jazeerah Marine provides different types of winches (Hydraulic, Electric, Manual, and air operated)

we can supply both New and refurbished winches

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