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towing-shoes Al Jazeerah Marine SHARJAH DUBAI UAE
Wire-Protectors-Towing-Shoes-al jazeerah marine sharjah dubai uae
Wire-Protectors-Towing-Shoes- al jazeerah marine
towing_sleeves__shoes_al jazeerah marine

Polyurethane Towing Wire Protector Or Towing shoe

The towing wire protector is made from a durable polyurethane elastomer material, with abrasion resistance, durability, impact absorption, and oil/chemical/ozone/saltwater resistance even in freezing conditions. Polyurethane towing rope protector is the perfect solution to protect your wire or rope. Wires can move more easily over rails by using a towing protector.

Towing Wire sleeves have a cylindrical cross-section and are made in one piece. As a result, they are not divisible. This form of protection is only suitable for mounting onto the wire rope before the cable is connected. Both sides of the towing sleeve are straight, but one can be beveled upon request so that the sleeve can move more easily. The towing sleeve is made of a high-grade polyurethane with offshore wear resistance properties.

Towing Wire Sleeves can also be customized.

Towing Wire shoes have a rectangular cross-section and consist of a two-piece construction. An advantage is that these rope shoes can be mounted on to the wire rope after they are also fine, after the cable is connected. This in contrast to the towing sleeve, which consists of one piece. The two halves of the towing shoe are clamped on the wire rope with strong bolts without protruding parts. Both ends of the towing shoes are slightly beveled so that the tow protector can easily move about certain obstacles, such as a railing.

Towing Wire shoes can also be customized.

DataSheet & Specification

towing shoe al jazeerah marine Dubai UAE
towing-shoes-(al jazeerah marine) Sharjah Dubai UAE
Towing Sho Dubai UAE Al Jazeerah Marine
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