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Al Jazeerah Marine Chain (14)
73mm Anchor Chain Sharjah Dubai UAE Al Jazeerah Marine


We have a large chain of warehouses in Sharjah UAE.


Receiving, Putaway, Storage, Picking, Packing, and Shipping.

We have stored a large quantity of stud link Anchor chains or open link mooring chains for easy supply to our local market customers.

We keep Different types of Anchors as well Such as AC-14 and Hall type Stockless Anchors.

Panama chocks/Air vent Head and Fittings for the Anchor chains like Kanter Shackles, D End Shackle, and Swivel have been stored in our warehouse for and easily availability to our client 


AL Jazeerah Marine

In March 2022 Al Jazeerah Marine hired warehouses to store their products indoors in the Northern Emirates of Sharjah UAE.

The Loading and offloading are extremely easy in our warehouses for any type of marine equipment, 

1440 Kg Hall type  Sharjah Dubai UAE Al Jazeerah Marine


Supply Vessel Al Jazeerah Marine
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